Ready to take the pledge?

Has your organisation made the call to say no to fossil fuel sponsorship? Fill out this form and we’ll add your logo to the list to build a wave of momentum away from fossil fuel corporations, leaving them in the past where they belong.

We pledge that we will not enter into sponsorship arrangements, take funding or any in-kind contributions from coal, oil and gas companies and will not permit the use of their logo on any of our promotional materials.

About fossil fuel sponsorships

Coal, oil and gas companies have been using sponsorships to buy social permission to continue to pollute.

Together, we can cut off their ability to sponsor our beloved sports teams, cultural events and art institutions. The Fossil Free Sponsorships pledge shows that people and organisations across Australia refuse to be a part of cleaning up the image of a dirty industry.

There’s been building momentum for teams and events to drop existing fossil fuel sponsorships – from Fringe World dropping Woodside as their naming partner to Tennis Australia dropping Santos as a sponsor. Now it’s time to make sure that these fossil fuel companies can’t enter into new sponsorship arrangements.

The Fossil Free Sponsorships pledge shows that there are teams, events and institutions across the country who don’t need fossil fuel money to operate.

350 Australia and the Climate Council are working together to build a movement away from fossil fuel sponsorships that’s impossible to ignore, but we need your help to do it.

Who has taken the pledge

Shout out to the organisations who have committed to never taking fossil fuel sponsorship money: