PwC has refused to hear the calls of thousands of Australians who want to see the end of the reign of the Minerals Council over our politics. They’ve failed to return our letters, emails and phone calls, so we’re turning up the heat 🔥

The PwC Week of Action kicks off on Monday August 10 and there’s plenty of ways for you to get involved. Throughout the week, legendary leaders will be hosting small actions out the front of PwC offices, engaging with staff and sending a clear message to PwC leadership. Check out the full list of events here.

We’ve got walking billboards out the front of PwC’s Brisbane office – the one where CEO Tom Seymour spends his time. They’ll be offering hand sanitiser to staff as they enter the building – calling on PwC to “wash their hands of the coal lobby.”

If you’ve got a friend or family member who works at PwC or who knows someone who works at PwC, ask them to fill in this anonymous staff survey so that we can find out how PwC staff really feel about their membership of the coal lobby.

On wednesday we flood social media with our message – write to them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin, and head to our page to share videos and social media tiles.
Remember to use the hashtags #PwCProud / CutAllTies

This is the day where we all call 📞 PwC’s office and tell them to #CutAllTies. You can sign up for a shift here, or join our webinar at lunch time here.

Project 1 star review: to round out our week of action, jump onto Facebook and Google Maps to leave a review about PwC asking them to leave the Minerals Council for good.

Want to know more about PwC’s association with the Minerals Council? Read more here.

Do you know someone who works at PwC? Ask them to take this anonymous staff survey.