Hundreds of people across the country have pledged to flood PwC with mail, and hijacking their #PwCproud hashtag with cheeky, cute, and colourful letters calling on them to #CutAllTies with the climate-wrecking Minerals Council of Australia.  We only have a few days left to make it big. Share this resource with your friends and family and get them involved. If we all send our mail at once we can flood PwC, sending a strong message that it’s time for them to #CutAllTies with the Minerals Council of Australia.

Step 1: Write your letter ✏️

It’s powerful to share your story about why you care. Grab a pen or your coloured pencils, or even create some unique art. We’ve written an example letter here.

Tell them about who you are, why you care about climate change, and ask them to leave the Minerals Council. You don’t need to be an expert to care about climate change.

You can also talk about their company’s own values and mission: “solving the world’s big problems” and “building trust in society.”

If you have questions you can attend one of our Flood PwC Online Working Bee on Sunday 21st June, 3pm AEST.

Address your letter to:

Tom Seymour
CEO, PwC Australia
480 Queen Street
Brisbane QLD 4000Australia

Step 2: Head to the mailbox and take a selfie 📸

Take a photo of yourself sending off your letter. Share it on social media using the #PwCProud and #CutAllTies hashtag. Tag @PwC and the @MineralsCouncil in your post. This will be a great way to show the real people involved in this campaign across the country and get the message to PwC staff.

Step 3: Send through your photos to us at 📧

We want to be able to share the amazing work you have all done with supporters across the country online. We will share your work on social media and in a big photo montage at the end.

Need any help? Feel free to reach out to us at