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Everything you need to know about PwC’s coal lobby membership

PwC pride themselves on sustainability but they are currently a member of one of the worlds worst climate-wrecking lobby groups, the Minerals Council of Australia.

  • The Minerals Council has held back action on climate change for the last 20 years with extensive lobbying, advertising campaigns and a revolving door between parliament and mining companies.
  • Right now PwC pays $20,640 to the Minerals Council, undermining their own sustainability credentials and efforts to be part of the solution to climate change by being a carbon neutral accredited company.
  • At the expense of their non-coal members, the Minerals Council has doggedly pursued a pro-coal, anti-renewables agenda, putting it out of step with their so-called commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement (read more in the Dirt File here) In recent years many big companies like Rio Tinto and BHP have even threatened to quit the Minerals Council over their pro-coal stance.
  • PwC has already left the Minerals Council’s sister group Coal21, so there’s no reason they can’t cut all ties for good.

To solve the climate crisis, we need a healthy democracy that listens to people first, not corporations and expensive lobbyists. PwC can take a stand and cancel their membership with the Minerals Council. As a valued staff member you have the power to help.

What you can do:

  1. Start talking with your coworkers and management about this issue internally. Read this guide to get started.
  2. If you have information that you think might be useful to us with regards to PwC’s Minerals Council membership, you can send us an anonymous tip off here.
  3. Encourage your coworkers to fill in our anonymous survey asking what PwC staff think about being a member of the Minerals Council.

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Here’s the plan to take back our democracy from the polluters

Here’s the plan to take back our democracy from the polluters

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Take action by ‘Adopting an Office’ near you

Take action by ‘Adopting an Office’ near you

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The Dirt File

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