We’ve tried calling, writing, texting and rocking up at his office. But maybe Tom Seymour is too busy in meetings to hear us ask him to leave the Minerals Council…

So we’re going to send him some meeting invitations. 

If you have an email account that also has a calendar function, you can invite PwC CEO Tom Seymour to an event. 

Important bits:

  • Tom’s email is tom.seymour@pwc.com 
  • You should cc us at community@350.org.au so we can see what his calendar looks like
  • Pick any random time in your calendar and add your reminder with a personalised message like: ‘Reminder: leave the Minerals Council’ or ‘Cancel coal lobby membership’ 

If we can fill Tom’s calendar up with reminders to leave the Minerals Council, we are sure to cause a stir in his office, and maybe he’ll finally accept a meeting with us at 350! 

If you’re new to calendar invitations, here’s some instruction videos: 

Google Calendar

Microsoft Outlook

Apple Calendar

If you have another email provider, check out Google for more instructions.