About Fossil Free Sponsorships

Fossil fuel companies have bought public support through sponsorships for decades, to further their polluting agenda. Together we can take back our arts, sports and education institutions, and stop the expansion of fossil fuels in this country.

Why this: 

Coal, oil and gas companies have been using sponsorships to buy social permission to continue to pollute. 

Together, we can cut off their ability to sponsor our beloved sports teams, cultural events and art institutions. The Fossil Free Sponsorships pledge shows that people and organisations across Australia refuse to be a part of cleaning up the image of a dirty industry. 

There’s been building momentum for teams and events to drop existing fossil fuel sponsorships – from Fringe World dropping Woodside as their naming partner to Tennis Australia dropping Santos as a sponsor. Now it’s time to make sure that these fossil fuel companies can’t enter into new sponsorship arrangements. 

The Fossil Free Sponsorships pledge shows that there are teams, events and institutions across the country who don’t need fossil fuel money to operate. 

Who is involved?

This pledge is hosted by 350.org Australia, a grassroots climate advocacy group. 

The scale of the problem

It’s been more than three decades since tobacco advertising was dropped from sporting and cultural events, primarily because of the health impacts of cigarettes. Today, fossil fuels and climate change put hundreds of millions of people’s health at risk and the impacts have already killed tens of thousands – from air pollution, droughts, fires, floods and heatwaves. 

Fossil fuel companies in Australia are pushing ahead at breakneck speed, trying to expand their operations and open up new coal mines and gas fields. The science is clear that we can’t afford any new polluting fossil fuel projects. 

Big companies like Santos, Woodside and Glencore have plans that will put limiting warming to 1.5 degrees out of reach. At the same time, they’re sponsoring hundreds of events, hoping we won’t notice the damage they’re doing to communities, nature and our climate. 

How you can take action

If you’re a part of a sports team, cultural event or institution – or even just a fan – please share the pledge with the CEO, board members or president and ask them to sign on. 

Ways to Get Involved

Here’s the plan to take back our democracy from the polluters

Here’s the plan to take back our democracy from the polluters

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Take action by ‘Adopting an Office’ near you

Take action by ‘Adopting an Office’ near you

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About Fossil Free Sponsorships

About Fossil Free Sponsorships

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