1. Share photos of local actions on social media.
  2. Make memes and videos on TikTok and Instagram telling people about #CutAllTies.
  3. Send an email to your local MP urging them to meet with you to discuss the campaign.
  4. Attend an action near you on your lunch break. Check out all the actions here.
  5. Put up some flyers or posters in your area and noticeboards. You could even letterbox your street.
  6. Learn some new ways to communicate climate change and start having conversations with those close to you about the problem and what they can do to help.
  7. Ask to speak at your place of worship, school assembly, or uni lectures about the campaign and urge people to sign up in support.
  8. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper
  9. Call into your local talkback radio station
  10. Make your own yard signs out of the posters and stick them to your fence or in the front lawn
  11. You could send Rio Tinto and PWC a message on Facebook telling them to cut all ties with the Minerals Council.
  12. Chip in a few dollars to super charge our efforts for change